My Diamond 💎

Your Eyes reflected light,like diamond;
‘Oh Lady’ You made Me wide opened

Your  Hair could replace ,The Silk from Heaven;
The reincarnation of’ The Aphrodite’ You are the one

Your red Lips resamble, Delicate Petals of Flower;
Now You have became, The Source to My Power

I only wish to see You Happy forever;
Either with Me or whoever 




I hear voices  from the ghoul;
That dwell under my bed

A picture of blood filed pool;
That constantly appears in my head

I never understood what message it wanted to convey me;
Always Wondering what it could be?

Until last of my breath;
Got my answer after I was drowned to death

Now I dwell under the bed; where my child sleeps

Making her dream roses of dripping blood;
Hinting her  where her Mother buried me with ease..