I love to blaze the green stuff ,inhale the puff;

An pleasure to all my roughs, cure to world’s bluff;
Come make your life purified ;

Than following world to get crucified
The only thing I  need is

A never ending field of weed

My infinite greed ;

For which I have already sown seeds
This world bullshits without any point

For relief from it ,I  light some joints

 blesses me more than anoint
Let’s have a sub conscious touch Sitting on my couch

Let’s grab my pouch

 & blast a roach
If your life sucks badley

Come ,smoke like Marley

Any thing would bother you rarely
For stress in urbs

Come try the green herbs

More satisfying than your groin rubs
If you  smoke the dope 

You could preach like pope

Life would Refill with happiness& hopes 

There ain’t anything that could rope
PM could you legalize it please 

We would like to smoke in harmony. 

die young & free than old full of disease

Melting difficulty to ease
After my glories when I turn ghost

burn this body, my souls host

Mix ashes with weed that is ready to burn

As a hail to the respect which I earned


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