So have you felt the pressure?
Head weigh down as darkness climb up the sky
Depression fogs.

Have you ever kept lights of your room off?
Without repelling darkness, just embracing it.
Just Thinking.

Have ever your mind struck with heavy thoughts that are unnecessary
Where you fall in thinking so deep… You know only the fall…
As in conscious you never touched the ground.

Have you regretted on your Past which just binds and slows you down…
The Present’s bewilderment & suffocation on what people will talk about you…
& ofcourse the fear of “Future”. Have you ever related yourself to a song,
On how society is against you how the hate you, take you and try to penetrate you.
You wish to forfeit your life.
Mind fountains with suicidal thoughts and homoscidal fantasies…
For all these I say smile.. Just smile

Don’t talk about two faces for which I was betrayed by my own kin.
Don’t point me your fall as I heard laughs at my failure from my mentors
Don’t talk about hate for which I have heard my death wishes from my own people.

But still I smile for now & and forever
I smiled as they carved scars of betrayal
I smiled as they burst out laughing at my lowest
I smiled on their death wishes for me. & I will smile… on every dig I dig
I will smile on every foundation I lay,
on every brick I keep
For all the pain and hurt they gave
I will smile decorating their grave.☺




All these world every people, their thoughts,there moods, their attitudes is so much to take and we are sailing in this ocean. I wanted to be real, true to my feelings fully transperent but this whole world disguises. Wearing a mask of  false under the engimatic robe. Fake laughs, fake smile, falsely showing care, under the curtain of loyalty their is betryal being grown. Your usefulness is what people been hunting the more they have use the more they show love. Humans now are disgrace to their own race. So to master this ocean i am wearing this mask. This mask to protect myself. You wont be able to take me down, you will watch me grow and how i turn this world upside down